Do you have a toilet that is stopped up and will not flush or come unclogged no matter what methods you have been trying? Toilet repair is one of those things that can be very frustrating and in some cases a professional might have to be called in to unstop it so that the water and waste can flow freely through. If you want to try to unclog the toilet without calling in a professional there are some things that you will want to do.

The first thing that you will want to do is try to figure out what the cause of your toilet being stopped up is. If you have room in the bowl of your toilet you might try pouring a bucket of water into it to see if the pressure from the water makes the toilet unstop. If you do not have room or the pressure was not enough then you may have to plunge the toilet.

When you are plunging your toilet you should make sure that you use a lot of force so that the suction created might be enough to unclog the toilet. You should plunge the toilet about seven to ten times and then try to flush it. Repeat this process a few times if it is necessary, but make sure that you do not plunge so hard that the water from the bowl splashes on you or the items in the bathroom.

If plunging it is getting you nowhere then it is time to break out the heavy artillery. You will want to use a plumbers snake that you can use to reach the problem that is causing your toilet to be backed up. You should be able to reach the plug of the toilet with the snake and move it until you feel it release. You want to try to flush the toilet to see if dislodging the plug makes any difference.

One of these methods should work for you, but if it does not then it may be time to call in a plumber. A professional that is trained in toilet repair will be able to unstop your toilet in a very fast amount of time.

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Higher and A+ Rated Plumber for Best Results

Check out the plumber’s credentials. Are they rated by the Better Business Bureau question if they are rated by the Better Business Bureau, are they rated an a or an A+? It’s your money, so choose one with a high rating to protect your interests.

Licensed Plumbing Contractor by the State of GA

A lot of contractors, including plumbers, will tell you over the phone that they are licensed by the state of GA. When you go to the website provided by the Secretary of State you find out that it just isn’t so. Always check. This is for your protection.

A contractor’s license also ensures that they will perform the plumbing work meeting the legal requirements.

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