Call the Trusted Plumber, RS Andrews Plumbing, Serving the Buford GA Area

The best thing a Buford homeowner can do is put a reliable plumbing contractor on speed dial for emergencies. Call R.S. Andrews Plumbers to help with water heater repairs, sewer repair, installation of gas lines and more.

Sewer Repair Buford GA

Our team of plumbers have the training and experience you want on the job for something this important. When raw sewage backs up into a building, you have an extreme amount of damage to carpet and walls and your family is exposed to dangerous pathogens. We will find the blockage that is causing the problem and prescribe a fix. We will write out a quote so you know exactly what the repair will cost.

Top Water Heaters Installed and Repaired

If you water heater is older than ten years, its probably not worth repairing. If it is leaking from the tank, it cannot be repaired. Consider installing an upgrade model to increase the amount of hot water made and lower utility costs. Read more.